Chemical Instrumentation Links
Compiled by David Wilbur, Tufts University

This list is by no means complete, and is heavily biased toward the instrumentation in the Tufts Chemistry department

Instrument Manufacturers
Agilent Chromatography, mass spectrometry, Molecular spectroscopy

Beckman Coulter - Centrifuges and other biomedical instruments.

Bruker - NMR and EPR spectrometers, mass spectrometers, X-ray diffractometers.

Jasco -Spectroscopy and chromatography instrumentation.

JEOL USA - NMR, SEM,  Mass Spec.

Teledyne Leeman Labs - ICP spectrometers, mercury analyzers.

Oxford Instruments - Superconducting magnets and x-ray microanalysis.

Perkin Elmer  FT-IR, AA, HPLC, GC/MS, UV/Vis/NIR, Thermal Analysis, scintillation counters.

Rudolph Research Analytical - Polarimeters.

Thermo Scientific - Manufacturer of a wide variety of instrumentation, including mass spectrometers, IR and Raman spectrometers, AA and ICP-OES spectrometers.

Essential Supplies 

Cambridge Isotope Laboratories - The leading supplier of isotopically labled compounds, including NMR solvents.

Restek Chromatograpy supplies

Wilmad Glass - Complete line of NMR tubes and accessories.


The Basics of NMR - An excellent interactive textbook by Joseph P. Hornak of Rochester Institute of Technology.

Technical NMR Tidbits - The art and science of shimming NMR magnets, secrets of NMR probes. 2D and 3D NMR examples.
NMR Spectroscopy. Principles and Application. - Six second year lectures given at Imperial College by Henry Rzepa.

Virtual SEM - An interactive display of SEM pictures

Mass Specrometry 

Introduction to mass spectrometry - An introductory tutorial for students at the University of Arizona

Webspectra -This site was established at UCLA to provide chemistry students with a library of spectroscopy problems.
Organic Structure Elucidation - An interactive workbook form Notre Dame has been developed for solving organic
structures from spectroscopic data. Most problems contain an IR,1H and 13C NMR, and mass spectra.

Chemputer - Interactive calculator for chemistry.
Calculates Mass Spec isotope patterns, element percentages, recation yields, and more.  From University of Sheffield.
Web Elements Periodic Table - An interactive peiodic table Includes NMR frequencies, isotope abundances, and much more. From University of Sheffield.
Integrated Spectral Database - An on-line searchable database of Mass, NMR, IR, Raman spectra. From National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology, Japan.
Physical Constants - A comprehensive reference on physical constants, units and uncertainty.  From NIST.
NIST Chemistry WebBook  - Online database from NIST.  Mass spec, IR, UV

Last Revised 10/21/2016

David Wilbur