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The GOD Delusion By Richard Dawkins
NY Times Best Seller

"At last, one of the best nonfiction writers alive today has assembled his thoughts on religion into a characteristically elegant book." --Steven Pinker
"Richard Dawkins is the leading soothsayer of our time. . . . The God Delusion continues his thought-provoking tradition." --J. Craig Venter
"The God Delusion is smart, compassionate, and true . . . If this book doesn't change the world, we're all screwed." --Penn & Teller "
"The world needs passionate rationalists. Dawkins so stands out through the cutting intelligence of The God Delusion." --James D. Watson

Prayer & Healing
In a comprehensive scientific study on the effects of intercessory prayer on the health and recovery of 1,802 patients undergoing coronary surgery, prayers offered by strangers had no effect. In fact, patients who knew they were being prayed for had a higher rate of post-operative complications. For the entier article see: Prayer & Healing The Verdict is in and the Results are Null by Michael Shermer

Tufts' Secular Student Association - Freethought Society
a community brought together and unified by our love of
reason, truth, freedom, humanity, and nature.

If you're someone with a naturalistic philosophy - someone who might call themselves a freethinker, atheist, humanist, skeptic, objectivist, rationalist, naturalist, agnostic, or a "Bright"
- someone who believes that all that exists,
exists within a natural universe(s)


provide a sense of community & a positive secular
alternative to supernatural systems of belief.

- encourage freedom from superstition, irrationality,
dogmatic religious assumptions & extremism.

- further the acceptance and application of science, reason, and critical thinking in all areas of human endeavor.

- challenge the misconceptions of naturalistic-based convictions, lifestyles, ethics & morals.

- cultivate a sense of global responsibility and
compassion for humanity.

- look for human solutions to human problems and
trust in our ability to reason.

"God used to be the best explanation we had, but now we've got vastly better ones. God is no longer an explanation of anything, but has instead become something that that would itself need an insurmountable amount of explaining."
Douglas Adams

News and Items of Interest

The American Humanist Association has launched an new advertising campaign Consider Humanism, that's attracting national attention.

Sam Harris Reviews Francis Collins' New Book "The Language of God". In this essay, the bestselling secularist author of “The End of Faith” delivers a scathing review of “The Language of God,” by Human Genome Project head Francis Collins that attempts to demonstrate a harmony between science and evangelical Christianity.  Read the review HERE....


There is no God (and you know it) - Sam Harris in an excerpt from An Atheist Manifesto, 10/7/05
Atheism is not a philosophy; it is not even a view of the world; it is simply a refusal to deny the obvious, says Harris, author of the international bestseller ....MORE HERE




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Darwin Day is February 12th, the date of birth of Charles Darwin in the year 1809, at Shrewsbury, England. On this date, and throughout the month, people from all over the world are honoring the life, work and influence of Charles Darwin with events and activities which celebrate science and our shared humanity.