Financial Aid

Doctoral Program

All applicants (U.S. & foreign) to the graduate PhD program are considered for all forms of financial support without special application.

Tufts doctoral students in Chemistry are supported through teaching assistantships (TA), research assistantships (RA) and/or additional special fellowships.  All doctoral candidates receive a full tuition scholarship. For the 2018-19 year this scholarship is for the full tuition of $30,772 excluding student activity and continuation fees (see below).  As part of our offer of admission, the Department also guarantees five years of support to all Chemistry Ph.D. candidates who remain in good academic standing and make steady progress toward the Ph.D. degree. For the 2018-19 year the stipend is $31,183 per year.

  • A Teaching Assistant (TA) is a member of the team responsible for running a course. The TA's time is usually divided between direct laboratory supervision, tutorials, and grading. The duties of an academic-year teaching assistant require approximately seventeen to twenty hours per week. As teaching is considered to be an important part of the graduate education, doctoral candidates are required to serve in a teaching capacity for at least one semester.

    A Research Assistant (RA) is paid a salary to perform research. The salary is usually connected to a grant supporting a faculty research program. In most cases, the position is provided by the student's research advisor.

    Graduate students also have opportunities to receive support through the Tufts Provost's Fellowship, government sponsored Graduate Fellowships, or through internships in industrial and government laboratories.

PLEASE NOTE that certain fees are NOT covered by financial aid. As of Fall 2018:

1. A Graduate Student Activity Fee of $62 is assessed annually to support the activities of the Graduate Student Council.

2. Continuation Fee. All students will be charged a continuation fee each semester after their expected degree completion period (two years for most master's programs; seven years for Ph.D. programs). The 2018-19 continuation fee is $800.

The Trustees of Tufts College reserve the right to change the tuition or to establish additional fees or charges for special features or services whenever such action is deemed advisable. The earliest possible notification of changes in tuition and other fees will be given.

Masters Program

Since the Chemistry Masters program at Tufts is currently a course-centered program, no financial aid is provided and students pay the current tuition rates/fees.