Rationally Speaking
By Massimo Pigliucci

No. 42, October 2003, Bush, the Pope, and gay rights.

No. 41, September 2003, Are you a bright? 

No. 40, August 2003, Are we afraid of the wrong things?

No. 39, July 2003, Why skeptic doesn't mean cynic.
No. 38, June 2003, It's the fundamentalism, stupid!

No. 36/37, May 2003, Being Proud Of

No. 35, April 2003, Animal Rights?

No. 34, March 2003,  America, Europe, and the rest of the world

No. 33, February 2003,  Gays, in the military and outside of it.

No. 32, January 2003,  Human instincts and virtue ethics

No. 31, December 2002, What do you mean "rationally speaking"?

No. 30, November 2002, Is the US the ultimate rogue nation?

No. 29, October 2002, On intuition

No. 28, September 2002, Why bother? Why being liberal is not a lost cause

No. 27, August 2002, Is God in our brains?

No. 26, July 2002, Economic vs. Social health: it's not the economy, stupid!

No. 25, June 2002, Ecology vs. ecophily: being reasonable about saving the environment

No. 24, May 2002, The Meaning of Life

N. 23, April 2002, Those who "understand" Bin Laden

No. 22, March 2002, Darwin Who?

No. 21, February 2002, Is Philosophy Useless?

No. 20, January 2002, Mr. Bayes and the true nature of scientific hypotheses

No. 19, December 2001  The Great Unicorn Debate

No. 18, November 2001/a Beer and circus in American education - pars destruens

No. 17, November 2001/b Beer and circus in American education - pars construens

No. 16, October 2001, Heart disease and the myth of individual responsibility

No. 15, September 2001, (Special Edition) Of terror and insanity

No. 14, September 2001, The dark side of philosophy

No. 13, August 2001, Frankenfoods vs. the neo-Luddites

No. 12, July 2001, The Wedge: what happens if science is taken over by ideology?

No. 11, June 2001, God on the highway

No. 10, May 2001, The many faces of anti-intellectualism

No. 9, April 2001, Red or Blue? What Kind of Life Would You Choose?

No. 8, March 2001, Game Theory, Rational Egoism, and the Evolution of Fairness

No. 7, February 2001, The Greatest Democracy in the World and the Unfairness of American Elections

No. 6, January 2001, Split-Brains, Paradigm Shifts, and Why It Is So Difficult To Be a Skeptic

No. 5, December 2000, Intelligent Design, the Modern Argument

No. 4, November 2000, Intelligent Design, the Classical Argument

No. 3, October 2000, Whence Natural Rights? - A Dialogue

No. 2, September 2000, The Place of Science

No. 1, August 2000, The Rationalistic Fallacy