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Fall 2007

August 9
Prof. A. P. De Silva, Queen's University, Belfast
"Messages from Molecules: Sensing and Computing"
NOTE: This talk is on a Thursday at 4:30pm
August 20
Prof. Francisco Zaera, UC Riverside
"The Mechanisms of Hydrocarbon Conversion Catalysis: Regioselectivity, Stereoselectivity, and Enantioselectivity"
NOTE: This talk is on a Monday at 1:30pm
September 11
Dr. Rajaraman Krishnan, Whitehead Institute
"Yeast prion structure: Nucleation and strain diversity"
September 18
Prof. Joanne Stubbe, MIT
"Unnatural Amino Acids to probe the Radical Propagation Pathway of Ribonucleotide Reductase"
September 25
Prof. Weihong Tan, University of Florida
"Molecular Profiling of Cancer: A Chemical Biology Approach"
October 2
Prof. Alex Kandel, Notre Dame
"The role of local structure in surface chemistry "
October 9
Prof. Wayne Goodman, Texas A&M
"Catalysis by Au and Au Alloys: From Single Crystals to Nanoparticles"
October 18
Prof. Oliver Mullins, Schlumberger-Doll Research
"Molecular Structure and Aggregation Structure of Asphaltenes"
October 23
Prof. Jonas Peters, MIT/CalTech
"Multi-electron reactions with pseudotetrahedral transition metals"
October 30
Prof. Anne-Frances Miller, University of Kentucky
"Redox Tuning Over Almost a Volt in a Conserved Structural Setting"
November 6
Dr. Sudip Parikh, Science Advisor - Senate Appropriations Committee
"NIH Funding and Stem Cell Research: Mixing Science and Politics in the U.S. Senate"
November 13
Prof. Carolyn Bertozzi, UC Berkeley
"Chemistry in Living Systems: Shedding Light on Glycans"

Spring 2007

January 30
Prof. Virginia Cornish, Columbia University
Co-opting Nature’s Machineries for Chemical Discovery
February 06
Prof. Stephen Blacklow, Harvard Medical School
Biochemical and Structural Foundations Underlying Notch
Activation and Restraint
February 13
Max Tishler Award Lecture
Prof. Steven Boxer, Stanford University
Patterned Bilayers and Tethered Vesicles: Soft Nanoscience
The Max Tishler Award Lecture will be held in P104, Pearson Chem on Tue, February 13th
February 20
Prof. John Koh, University of Delaware
Chemical Rescue of Nuclear Receptor Mutations
February 27
Prof. Paul Barbara, University of Texas, Austin
Single Molecule Spectroscopic Studies of Protein Nucleic
Acid Interactions in the Reverse Transcription of HIV-1 in vitro
March 06
Prof. Ken Reid, University of Oxford
Collectins - Proteins of Innate Immunity With Potential for Therapeutics for Infection and Inflammation
March 13
Prof. Arthur Veis, Northwestern University
Collagen Molecular Assembly Mechanisms: The Key Role of
Recognition Modules Within the Carboxyl Propeptide Domain In Chain Selectivity
March 27
Prof. Ashley Bush, Massachusetts General Hospital
Copper and Zinc Interactions with β-Amyloid in Alzheimer’s Disease
April 10
Prof. Alanna Schepartz, Yale University
Structure and Stability of Protein Devoid of Alpha Amino Acids
April 12
Prof. Robert H. Tykot, University of Southern Florida
Stable Isotope Analysis of Human Remains to Study Ancient Diets in the New World
April 17
Prof. Richard Van Duyne, Northwestern University
Molecular Plasmonics for Surface Enhanced
Sensing and Raman Spectroscopy
April 18
Prof. Nikolaas van der Merwe, University of Cape Town, South Africa
Light Stable Isotopes, the Diets of Early Hominins, and the Rain on the Serengeti Plain
NOTE: This talk is on Wednesday at 12:30pm in P106
August 9
Prof. A.P. De Silva, Queen's University, Belfast
Title TBA
August 20
Prof. Francisco Zaera, University of California at Riverside
Title TBA
NOTE: This talk is on a Monday
August 24
Prof. Franc Meyer, Georg-August-Universität Göttingen
Title TBA
NOTE: This talk is on a Friday

Fall 2006 

September 12
Dr. Hans-Heiner Gorris, Westfälische Wilhelms–Universität, Münster
Development of a High-throughput Proteolysis Assay and
Analysis of the Proteolysis Resistance of Peptide Epitopes
September 19
Prof. Alice Ting, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
New Chemical Reporters for Imaging Protein Function
and Trafficking in Live Cells
September 26
Prof. Stewart Novick, Wesleyan University
Laboratory Astrochemistry: The High Resolution Spectra
of Radicals
October 03
Prof. Mark Hersam, Northwestern University
Probing Chemistry and Electronic Structure at the Single
Molecule Level with Scanning Tunneling Microscopy
October 10
Prof. Vladislav Sadtchenko, George Washington University
Fast Thermal Desorption Spectroscopy Studies of
Dynamics and Reactions in Ice
October 17
Prof. Geert-Jan Boons, University of Georgia
A Fully Synthetic Three-Component Cancer Vaccine
October 24
Prof. Richard Johnson, University of New Hampshire
Mechanisms of Fragmentation in Carbohydrate Mass
Spectrometry and Other Tales of High Energy Molecules
October 31
Prof. Martin Case, University of Vermont
Metal Directed Protein Assembly
November 17
Graduate Student Hosted Colloquium
Prof. Harry Gray, California Institute of Technology
The Currents of Life: Electron Flow Through
Iron and Copper Proteins
December 05
Prof. Eric Anslyn, University of Texas, Austin
Organic Chemistry Approaches to Single and Multi
Analytes Sensing

Spring 2006

January 24
Prof. Annabella Selloni, Princeton University
The Surface Science of TiO2: Insights from
First Principles Simulations
January 31
Dr. Timothy Clackson, Ariad Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Controlling Cellular Events Using Dimerizer Drugs
February 7
Prof. Steven Sibener, University of Chicago
Interfacial Dynamics of Polymers and SAMs: Glassy
Dynamics, Hierarchical Assembly, and the Quest
for Perfection
February 23
Prof. Donald Hilvert, ETH Zürich, Switzerland
Molecular Diversity and Catalysis
March 7
Prof. Andrew Gellman, Carnegie Mellon University
Enantioselectivity on Naturally Chiral Surfaces
March 16
Max Tishler Award Lecture
Prof. George Whitesides, Harvard University
New Tools for Bioanalysis. The Development of Microsystems for Use in Cell and Molecular Biology
The Max Tishler lecture will be held in P104, Pearson Chem on Thu, March 16th
March 30
Dr. Andrea Cochran, Genentech, Inc.
β-Sheets and β-Hairpins: Molecular Recognition and Stability
April 4
Prof. Mark Hersam
, Northwestern University
Characterization and Manipulation of Individual Molecules
on Semiconductor Surfaces
April 11
Prof. Paul Canfield, Iowa State University
The Design, Growth, Discovery and Characterization
of Novel Intermetallic Compounds
April 18
Prof. Jon Clardy, Harvard Medical School
Discovering New Compounds in Nature
April 25
Prof. Héctor Abruña, Cornell University
Nanometric Building Blocks and Devices

  Fall 2005 

September 6
Dr. Hans Bechtel, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Stretching and Bending the Bonds of Chemical Reactions
September 20
Prof. Samuel Gellman, University of Wisconsin, Madison
Structure and Function in Foldamers
September 27
Prof. John Frost, Michigan State University
Drugs, Energetic Materials, and Polymers: The Role of Microbial Catalysis
October 18
Prof. Seth Cohen, University of California, San Diego
Novel Metalloligands for Heterometallic, Chiral Metal-Organic Frameworks
October 25
Dr. Stephen Baxter, Oblon, Spivak, McClelland, Maier & Neustadt, PC
Chemical Patents
November 04
Prof. Ib Chorkendorff, Danmarks Teknikske Universitet
Production and Conversion of Hydrogen on Alloys and Inorganic Compounds
November 08
Prof. Robert Westervelt, Harvard University
Imaging a One-electron Quantum Dot using SPM 
November 15
Prof. Craig Townsend, Johns Hopkins University
Synthetic, Mechanistic and Engineering Studies of
Unusual Biosynthetic Reactions
November 22
Prof. Carston Wagner, University of Minnesota
Chemically Controlled Assembly of Protein Nanostructures
November 29
Prof. Anne Baranger, Wesleyan University
Recognition of Single-Stranded RNA by
Proteins and Small Molecules
December 08
Prof. Clemens Richert, Universität Karlsruhe
Chemical Primer Extension

Spring 2005

January 18
Prof. Lawrence Que, Jr., University of Minnesota
Oxygen Activation at Nonheme Iron.
February 01
Prof. Veronica Vaida, University of Colorado
Atmospheric Organic Aerosols in Earth's Chemistry and Climate
February 08
Prof. Amit Basu, Brown University
Glycolipid Interactions at Membranes: From Fundamental Studies of
Adhesion to Lipopolysaccharide Sensors
February 15
Prof. Steven Baldelli, University of Houston
Surface Spectroscopy of Room-Temperature Ionic Liquids at the
Platinum-Liquid Electrochemical Interface
March 08
Prof. Claudia Steinem, Universität Regensburg
Artificial Membranes: Tools to Address Biological Questions?
March 10
Prof. Andreas Janshoff, Johannes Gutenberg-Universität, Mainz
Biosensors on the Microscale: From Biomimetic Surfaces
to New Technologies
Please Note Change in Day (Thursday)
March 29
Dr. Adrian Whitty, Biogen Idec Inc.
Biochemistry on the Cell Membrane: A Quantitative View
of Cytokine Receptor Activation Mechanisms
April 05
Prof. Paul Davidovits, Boston College
Uptake of Gas Phase Species by Organic Liquids; The Strange
Interactions of Gas Phase Hydrogen Halides with Octanol
April 12
Prof. Neil Marsh, University of Michigan
A Radical Approach to Catalysis: Coenzyme B12
and Glutamate Mutase
April 14
Prof. James Mayer, University of Washington
Oxidations of C-H and O-H Bonds by Metal Complexes: Hydrogen Atom
Transfer, Proton-Coupled Electron Transfer, and Marcus Theory
Please Note Change in Day (Thursday)
April 19
Prof. Gregory Weiss, University of California, Irvine
Reverse Engineering Biomolecular Recognition with
Combinatorial Protein Libraries
April 26
Hosted by Undergraduate Chapter of the ACS at Tufts Chemistry
Dr. Michael Strem, Strem Chemicals, Inc.
An Alternative Career Path: Starting and Running
Your Own Chemical Company

Fall 2004

September 14
Prof. Linda Abriola, Tufts University, School of Engineering
Micellar Solubilization of Chlorinated Solvents in Contaminated
Formations : Process Design and Assessment
of a Field Demonstration
September 21
Prof. Alan Kennan, Colorado State University
Specific Control of Helical Peptide Self-assembly
September 28
Prof. Amy Mullin, Boston University
Highly Excited Molecules: From "Supercollisions" to Super-Reactions
October 05
Prof. Stephen Kent, University of Chicago
The Chemistry of Chemical Protein Synthesis: Methods & Targets
October 14
Prof. Dr. Kay Severin, Ecole polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne
Synthesis of Catalysts and Receptors by Self-Assembly
and Combinatorial Chemistry
October 19
Prof. Mark Meyerhoff, University of Michigan
Nitric Oxide Releasing/Generating Polymers: Preparation,
Characterization and Biomedical Applications
October 26
Prof. Joseph Sadighi, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Small Molecule Activation and New Bond-Forming Reactions
by Low-Coordinate Late Transition Metal Complexes
November 02
Prof. Scott Strobel, Yale University
Mechanism of RNA Catalyzed Splicing and Protein Synthesis
November 09
Prof. Suzanne Walker, Harvard Medical School
Chemical Approaches to Understanding Bacterial Cell Wall
Synthesis & its Inhibition
December 07
Prof. John Reif, Duke University
Self-Assembled DNA Nanostructures for Molecular Scale
Patterning, Computation and Motors

Spring 2004

February 03
Dr. Robert DiCosimo, DuPont Experimental Station
Process Development Using Biocatalytic Nitrile
Hydration and Hydrolysis
February 10

Prof. Shana Kelley, Boston College

DNA Damage Promoted By Amino Acids
February 17

Prof. Charles Riordan, University of Delaware

Nickel Coordination Chemistry: Biomimetic
and Bioinspired Transformations
February 24

Prof. Dr. Michael Wolfe, Harvard Medical School

Biochemistry and Inhibition of γ-Secretase
March 04

Prof. George Flynn, Columbia University

STM Investigation of the Self-Assembly of Chiral
and Achiral Molecules at Liquid-Solid and Solid-
Vacuum Interfaces: Driving Forces for 2-D
Separation and Organization of Molecules
March 11

Prof. Robert Langer, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Materials for Drug Delivery and Tissue Engineering
March 16

Prof. Jay Groves, University of California, Berkeley

Molecular Pattern Formation and Signal
Transduction at Intercellular Synapses
March 30

Dr. Steven Weissman, Merck Research Laboratories

Practical Syntheses of Clinical Drug Candidates
April 06

Prof. Ian Harrison, University of Virginia

C-H Bond Activation of Methane at Metal
Surfaces: Several Ways...
April 14

Prof. Jiri Janata, Georgia Institute of Technology

"Chemical Plume Tracing - How do Crabs do it?
April 15

Prof. Nadrian Seeman, New York University

Structural DNA Nanotechnology
April 20

Prof. Stephen Kent, University of Chicago

The Chemistry of Chemical Protein
Synthesis: Methods & Targets
April 27

Prof. Brian Gibney, Columbia University

On the Role of Nonnatural Amino Acid Ligands
in De Novo Heme Protein Design
May 04
Dr. Raji Heyrovska, J. Heyrovsky Inst. of Phys. Chem.
Simple Quantitative Thermodynamics of
Electrolyte Solutions Based on Solvation
and Partial Dissociation - A Centennial Tribute
to Arrhenius

Fall 2003

September 09
Prof. Linda McGown, Duke University
On-the-Fly Fluorescence Lifetime Detection
in Capillary Electrophoresis: Genomic
and Environmental Applications
September 16
Prof. Sean Elliott, Boston University
Moving Electrons Through Enzymes
September 23

Prof. Ronald Raines, University of Wisconsin, Madison

Stereoelectronic Effects on Protein Structure and Stability
October 07

Prof. Sylvia Daunert, University of Kentucky

Achieving The Whole Through Integration: Genetic
Engineering Strategies in Biosensing and
Micro/Nanoanalytical Methods
October 09

Hosted by Undergraduate Chapter of the ACS at Tufts Chemistry

Dr. Carl Selavka, Massachusetts State Police Crime Laboratory
Why Forensic Science is Sexy; and
Why You Shouldn't Trust CSI
October 14

Prof. Jillian Buriak, University of Alberta

October 21

Prof. Nadrian Seeman, New York University

Structural DNA Nanotechnology
October 28

Prof. William Jones, University of Rochester

Strong C-X Bond Cleavage Reactions Using
Homogeneous Transition Metal Complexes
November 25

Prof. Kenneth Eisenthal, Columbia University

Molecules at Liquid Surfaces
December 2

Prof. Terry Sheppard, Northwestern University

Chemical Biology of DNA Damage and
Chemoselective DNA Decoration

  Spring 2003

January 21
Prof. William Reiff, Northeastern University
On the Complex Magnetism of Seemingly Simple Dimers: From
Disappearing Hyperfine Effects to Cooperative Long Range Order to
Quantum Tunneling of Magnetization
January 28
Prof. Stephen Lippard, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Non-Heme Iron and the Biological Oxidation of Methane
February 4

Prof. Christopher Arumainayagam, Wellesley College

Electron-Induced Reactions in Nanoscale Thin Films

February 11

Prof. James McKnight, Boston University

Cross-Examining a Villin: Structure,
Function and Folding of a Small F-Actin-Binding Domain
February 18

Prof. Linda McGown, Duke University

DNA Aptamers in Proteomic Analysis
February 25

Dr. Russell Petter, Biogen, Inc.

Remarkably Potent Antagonists of Integrin VLA-4
March 4

Prof. Barry Karger, Northeastern University

New Technologies for Genomics and Proteomics
Based on High Resolution Electrophoresis and Chromatography
March 13

Prof. Robert Walker, University of Maryland

Solvation at Surfaces: Profiling Interfacial Solvent
Polarity with Molecular Rulers
April 1

Prof. Chaitan Khosla, Stanford University

Chemistry and Biology of Celiac Sprue
April 15

Hosted jointly by Electrochemical Society NE and Tufts Chemistry

Prof. Heidi Martin, Case Western Reserve University
Diamond-based Electrodes as Neurochemical Sensors
April 22
Prof. Hicham Fenniri, Purdue University
Rosette Nanotubes: New Materials with
Unprecedented Properties
May 13

Hosted jointly by Electrochemical Society NE and Tufts Chemistry

Prof. Allen J Bard, University of Texas, Austin
Application of Scanning Electrochemical Microscopy in
High Resolution Investigation of Interfaces
June 13

Prof. Kazuya Kikuchi, University of Tokyo, Japan

Design, Synthesis and ACellular Application of Chemical Probes,
Which Convert Biological Responses to Chemical Output

Fall 2002

September 10
Prof. Howard Fairbrother, Johns Hopkins University
Environmental/Atmospheric Chemistry at
Surfaces and in Thin Films
September 17
Prof. James Nowick, University of California, Irvine
Molecular Recognition Between b-Sheets in Proteins
and in Model Systems
September 24
Hosted by the Undergraduate Chapter of the ACS at Tufts
Dr. Richard Newman, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
The Real and Unreal: How Science Helps to
Authenticate Works of Art
October 1

Dr. Daniel Auerbach, IBM Almaden Research Center

Chemistry with Stretched Molecules: Using Vibrational
Excitation to Probe Surface Chemical Dynamics

October 8

Prof. Andrew Ellington, University of Texas at Austin

Evolution and Design of Nucleic Acid Biosensors
October 18

Prof. Dev Arya, Clemson University

What's New With Neomycin?
October 22

Prof. Howard Mayne, University of New Hampshire

Very Cold but Very Floppy Molecules: Structure
and Reactions of Mixed Van Der Waals Atomic Clusters
October 29

Prof. Shahriar Mobashery, Wayne State University

Antibacterials as Wonder Drugs and
How Their Effectiveness Is Being Compromised
November 5

Prof. John Oliver, Brown University

Universal Bases as Wild Cards for Sequencing
by Hybridization

Spring 2002

Jan 22

Prof. John P. Toscano, Johns Hopkins University

Rational Design of Novel Photochemical Precursors to Nitric Oxide


Feb 12

Prof. Andrei Tokmakoff, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Molecular Structure and Dynamics in Solution Observed Through Two-Dimensional Infrared Spectroscopy

Feb 19

Prof. Seiichi Matsuda, Rice University

Tinkering with Terpene Biosynthesis


Feb 21

Hosted by the Undergraduate Chapter of the ACS at Tufts

Dr. Mukund Chorghade, Geltex Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Progress of a Drug from Conception to Commercialization


Feb 26

Prof. John T. Groves, Princeton University

The Chemistry and Biology of Peroxynitrite: Reactive, Invasive and Enigmatic


Mar 05

Prof. John A. Gerlt, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

Does Sequence or Structure Determine Enzyme Function?  Different Reactions Catalyzed by the “Same” Active Site

Mar 12

Prof. Eric Bakker, Auburn University

From Extremely Selective Ion Sensore to Smart Microspheres


Mar 26

Prof. Milan Mrksich, University of Chicago

A Surface Chemistry Approach to Studying Cell Adhesion


Apr 5

Prof. Dr. Geert-Jan Kroes, Univerity of Leiden

Vibrational Effects on Dissociative Chemisorption of Hydrogen on Cu(100) and Pt(111)

Apr 9

Prof. Lawrence Scott, Boston College

Strategies for the Rational Synthesis of Fullerenes and Their Open Geodesic Siblings

Apr 16

Consensus Pharmaceuticals Lecture

Prof. Julius Rebek, Jr., The Scripps Research Institute & The Skaggs Insititute for Chemical Biology

Molecular Assembly and Encapsulation


Apr 23

Prof. Kenneth Karlin, Johns Hopkins University

Synthetic Modeling of Copper and Heme-Copper Protein Dioxygen Chemistry

Fall 2001

Sep 04

Prof. Henry White, University of Utah – 5 PM seminar

Electrochemical Imaging of Iontophoretic Transport Across Skin


Sep 11

Prof. James Canary, New York University

Triggered Sterochemistry in Copper/Tripodal Ligand Compleses:

Chirality Switches and Sensors


Sep 18

Prof. Melissa Hines, Cornell University

In Search of Perfection: Using STM to Study Silicon Etching Reactions


Sep 25

To be scheduled


Oct 02

Prof. Peter Seeberger, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Automated Synthesis of Oligosaccharides:  New Chemistry

To Address Fundamental Biomedical Questions


Oct 16

Prof. Catherine Drennan, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

When Bigger Isn’t Better:  Crystal Structure of Class II Ribonucleotide Reductase

Oct 23

Prof. Peter Lansbury, Jr.

Harvard Medical School and Brigham and Women’s Hospital

The Emergence of New Therapeutic Targets for Parkinson’s Disease


Oct 30

Prof. Andrei Tokmakoff, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Molecular Structure and Dynamics in Solution Observed Through Two-

Dimensional Infrared Spectroscopy


Nov 06

Prof. David Nesbitt, University of Colorado

Radicals, Single Collisions and Single Molecules


Dec 04

Prof. Charles M. Drain, Hunter College of CUNY

Self-assembly of Nanoscaled Photonic Materials



Spring 2001

Jan 23

Prof. Sergiu Gorun, Brown University

Artificial Enzymes: From Reversible Dioxygen Binding to Bioinspired Catalysis and Cancer Therapy

Jan 30

Prof. Catherine Drennan, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

B12-Dependent Ribonucleotide Reductase: Paradox or Paradigm

Feb 06

Dr. Lincoln Lauhon, Harvard University

Excitation and Chemical Manipulation of Single Hydrogen Atoms with a STM


Feb 13

Consensus Pharmaceuticals Lecture

Prof. Alanna Schepartz, Yale University

Functional Miniature Proteins

Feb 16

Prof. Dr. Hans-Joachim Galla, University of Münster

The Alveolar Surfactant: Only Half a Membrane but Indispensable for the Breathing Process

Feb 20

Prof. Mario Molina, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

From Local to Global Pollution:  The Impact of Human Activities on Atmospheric Ozone (note time change – 5pm)

Feb 27

Prof. Tom Muir, Rockefeller University

Protein Ligation:  Linking Chemistry and Biology one Peptide Bond at a Time

Mar 06

Prof. David Nesbitt, University of Colorado

Radicals, Single Collisions and Single Molecules

Mar 20

Prof. Jack Norton, Columbia University

Dynamic Asymmetric Transformation of Zirconaaziridines with an Optically Active Co2 Synthon.  Synthesis of Amino Acid Esters

Mar 29

Prof. Jeffery Kelly, The Scripps Research Institute & The Skaggs Institute for Chemical Biology

Understanding and Developing Therapeutic Strategies for Human Amyloid Diseases

Apr 03

Prof. Vincent Rotello, University of Massachusetts, Amherst

Polymers, Nanoparticles and Molecular Recognition.  From ‘Plug and Play’ to ‘Bricks and Mortar’

Apr 10

Prof. Barbara Imperiali, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Chemistry and Biology of Asparagine-Linked Protein Glycosylation

Apr 24

Prof. Michael Maroney, University of Massachusetts, Amherst

Structure and Function in Metalloenzymes:  A Nickel Tour 



Fall 2000

September 12  Prof. Gregory Petsko, Brandeis University 
The Trouble with Hydrogens
September 19 Prof. John Warner, University of Massachusetts, Boston
Pollution Prevention using Molecular Recognition and Self Assembly:  An Example of Green Chemistry
September 26 Prof. John Tully,Yale University
      Chemical Dynamics at Surfaces
October 3 Prof. Jeffrey Roberts,University of Minnesota
Chemistry at a High-Traffic Interface: Uptake of Small Organic Molecules  by Liquid Sulfuric Acid
October 17 Prof. James Rusling, University of Connecticut
Active Biomolecular Films on Electrodes
October 24 Prof. Sean Decatur, Mount Holyoke College
Probing Peptide Conformation and Dynamics via Isotope-Edited Infrared  Spectroscopy 
October 31 Prof. Sanford Asher, University of Pittsburgh
Crystalline Colloidal Array Materials: Chemical Sensors and Electrooptical   Applications
November 7 CANCELED  Prof. Mario Molina, MIT
November 14 Prof. Robert Corn, University of Wisconsin, Madison
DNA Computing at Surfaces
November 16 Prof. Dermot Diamond, Dublin City University
From Synthesis to Signal Processing - Towards Autonomous Sensing  Systems
November 21  Dr. David Casebier, Arqule
      Combinatorial Chemistry Applied to Lead Optimization: Numbers are Not Enough
November 28 Prof. Ricardo Metz, University of Massachusetts, Amherst
Photofragment Spectroscopy of Reaction Intermediates and Multiply Charged Ions
December 5 Prof. Judith Herzfeld, Brandeis University
Recapturing the Conceptual Core of General Chemistry

Spring 2000

January 25
Prof. Christoph Rose-Petruck, Brown University 
Ultrafast X-ray diffraction and X-ray absorption spectroscopy: Emerging new methods for observing the motions of atoms on 

the time scale of molecular vibrations 

February 1

Prof. Sylvia Ceyer, MIT

New surface reaction mechanisms: role of bulk H in catalytic
hydrogenation and F atom abstraction by Si
February 8

Prof. Joseph Piccirilli, University of Chicago

Mechanisms of RNA Catalysis Revealed by Chemically Modified Nucleic Acids
February 22

Prof. John Caradonna, Boston University

  Probing Old Metalloprotein Active Sites with New Proteins: The Same but Better....?
February 29

Prof. Scott Miller, Boston College

Discovery of Minimal Peptides for Asymmetric Catalysis
and Organic Synthesis 
March 7

Prof. Smita Patel, University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey

Steps Towards Understanding the Mechanism of DNA Unwinding
April 4

Prof. Dinshaw Patel, Sloan-Kettering Institute

Structural Basis of Adaptive Recognition by Nucleic Acid Aptamers
April 11

Prof. William Armstrong, Boston College

A Synthetic Model Approach to Understanding the Photosystem II Water Oxidase Active Site
May 9

Prof. Francis Johnson, SUNY - Stony Brook  (CANCELLED)

The Artificial Creation of Naturally-Occurring DNA Damage

Fall 1999

September 14

Dr. George Gassner, MIT


Mechanistic Studies of the Soluble Methane Monooxygenase System from M. capsulatus (Bath)


September 21  

Prof. Stewart Novick, Wesleyan University


Laboratory Astrochemistry:  The Spectroscopy of Radicals


September 28  

Prof. Thomas Bell, University of  Nevada Reno


Synthetic Receptors and Chemosensors for Biomolecules


October 5

Consensus Lecture - Prof. Jonathan Ellman, U.C. Berkeley


From Libraries to Function


October 19  

Prof. Floyd Davis, Cornell University


Dynamics of Neutral Transition Metal Atom Reactions with Simple Hydrocarbons


October 26  

Prof. Craig Wilcox, University of Pittsburgh


Molecular Designs and Syntheses for Organic and Bioorganic Chemistry


November 2  

Prof. Gregory Swain, Utah State University


Structure-Reactivity Studies of Diamond Electrochemical Interfaces:


 Applications of this New Electrode Material in Electroanalysis


November 9

Prof. Stephen Weber, University of Pittsburgh


Application of Molecular Recognition in Analytical Chemistry: How Selective Can An Extraction Be?


November 16  

Prof. Walter Gilbert, Harvard University


Introns, Exons, and the Evolution of Genes


November 23  

Prof. Steven Bernasek, Princeton University


Hydrocarbon Adsorption on Transition Metal Surfaces Physisorption,


Chemisorption, and Internal State Effects


November 30

Prof. Matthew Zimmt, Brown University


Electron Transfer Across Organized and Disorganized Media

 Spring 1999

January 26
Dr. Kai Johnsson, University of Bochum 
Free Radical Reactions of Isoniazid; Implications for Isoniazid Sensitivity  and Resistance in M. Tuberculosis
February 2
Prof. Don Wiley, Harvard University
X-ray Structural Studies of Viral Entry Mechanisms in
HIV-1, Influenza, and Ebola Viruses
February 9
Prof. Daniel Nocera, M.I.T.
Two-Electron Mixed Valency - An Untraveled Road in the 
World of Energy Conversion Chemistry
February 16
Prof. Theodore Cohen, University of Pittsburgh
 Novel Synthetic Methods Using Organosulfur and
Organolithium Chemistry
February 23
Prof. Ingrid Fritsch, University of Arkansas
Time and Space in Small Electrochemical Systems 
March 2
Prof. Christopher Seto, Brown University
Using the Electrostatic Field Effect to Design Inhibitors
and Mimics of Serine and Cysteine Proteases
March 9
Prof. Franz Hillenkamp, University of Muenster and MGH 
MALDI Mass Spectrometry of Nucleic Acids with Wavelengths
in the UV and IR
March 16
Prof. Ann McDermott, Columbia University
Title - TBA
March 30
Prof. Janice Hicks, Georgetown University
Ice Surface Chemistry Relevant to Stratospheric Ozone
Depletion Studied by Surface Second Harmonic Generation
April 6
Prof. Giocinto Scoles, Princeton University
Using Helium Atom Reflectivity to Study Adsorption on
Metallic Surfaces 
April 13
Prof. Michael Sailor, UC San Diego
Nanocrystalline Porous Si: Luminescent Materials and
Chemical Sensors
April 20
Prof. Gregory Verdine, Harvard University
The Secret Life of the Genome:  Enzymatic Processing of DNA 
April 27
Prof. Chad Mirkin, Northwestern University
The Programmed Assembly of Nanoscale Building Blocks into
Functional Materials
June 24
Prof. Gerhard Schröder, University of Karlsruhe
From the Criegee Zwitterion to Coarctate Moebius Aromaticity
in theTransition State and in the Ground State
Fall 1998
August 26
Prof. Daryle Busch, University of Kansas
The Life and Times of Small Molecule Dioxygen Carriers.
September 15
Prof. David Bartel, MIT/Whitehead Institute
Creation and Evolution of New Ribozymes
September 22
Prof. Patricia Mabrouk, Northeastern University
New Insights into Horseradish Peroxidase Structure from
Resonance Raman in Benzene Solution.
September 29
Prof. George Ewing, Indiana University
Thin Film Water: Its Measurement, Properties, and Chemistry.
October 6
Prof. William Bachovchin,  Tufts University (Ph.D.)
- title to be announced -
October 20
Prof. Andrew Hamilton, Yale University
The Design of Artificial Receptors for Protein Surface Recognition
October 27
Prof. Roma Tauler, University of Barcelona
Multivariate Resolution in Chemistry
 November 3
Dr. Michael Gait, MRC Laboratory Cambridge
 Chemical Approaches to RNA Structure and Function
November 10
Dr. Bruce Kay, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
 Molecular Beam Studies of Kinetic Processes in
 Nanoscale Films of Amorphous Ice
November 17
Dr. Mark Murcko, Vertex Pharmaceuticals 
 The Design of Amprenavir, a Potent Inhibitor of HIV Protease
November 24
Prof. Robert Griffin, MIT
Solid State NMR Studies of Energy Transduction in Bacteriorhodopsin.
Fall 1997 Spring 1998 Chemistry Department Seminar Series
September 9
Dr. Stephen Hale, M.I.T.
Isoleucyl-tRNA Synthetase: Understanding RNA
Dependent Translational Editing.
September 16
Prof. Kim Lewis, Tufts University
Cell Defense Against Unfamiliar Toxins and Organic 
Solvents: Molecular Mechanisms and Applications
September 23
Prof. Chi-Huey Wong, The Sripps Research Institute
Intervention of Carbohydrate Recognition.
September 25
Prof. Tony Cass, Imperial College London
Protein Engineering, A Tool in the Development of 
Molecular Sensors.
October 7
Dr. Douglas Worsnop, Aerodyne Research, Inc.
Heterogeneous Acid Solution Chemistry in the Laboratory 
and the Atmosphere.
October 14
Dr. Joseph Hogan jr., ArQule, Inc.
High Throughput Screening for Drug Development.
October 21
Prof. Louis Carpino, University of Massachusetts at Amherst
New Azabenzotriazole-Based Peptide Coupling Reagents,
Recent Results and Mechanistic Considerations.
October 29
Prof. Fleming Crim, University of Wisconsin Madison
Controlling Photodissociation Pathways and Watching 
Energy Flow in Vibrationally Excited Molecules. 
November 4
Dr. Oliver Mullins, Schlumberger-Doll Research
The Structures and Dynamics of Chromophores and 
Fluorophores in Asphaltenes and Crude Oils.
November 18
Prof. Dudley Herschbach, Harvard University
Liberating Catalysts from Thermodynamics: An Easy
Way to Make Benzene from Ethane. 
December 9
Prof. Greg Sitz, University of Texas at Austin
Dynamics of a Simple Surface Reaction - Dissociation 
of H2 on Palladium
January 20
Prof. David Austin, Yale University
A Scaffold Approach Toward Macromolecular
Ligand Binding
January 27
Prof. Jack Szostak, Massachusetts General Hospital
In-Vitro Directed Evolution of RNA and Proteins.
February 3
Prof. Stacey Bent, New York University
Understanding the Chemistry of Electronic Materials.
February 10 
Prof. Michael Ward, University of Minnesota
Electrochemical Growth of Epitaxial Molecular Films.
February 17
Prof. Timothy Swager, M.I.T.
The Molecular Wire Approach to Enhanced Sensitivity 
in Sensor Materials.
February 24
Prof. Rein Kirss, Northeastern University
Electrocyclic Reactions and Thin Film Deposition Using
Metal Pentadienyl Compounds.
March 3 
Prof. Roger Miller, University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill
State-to-State Vibrational Dynamics of Polyatomic Molecules
Scattered from Surfaces. 
March 10
Prof. Anatol Zhabotinsky, Brandeis University
Chemical Oscillations, Waves and Patterns.
March 24
Dr. Harry Anderson, University of Oxford
Using Non-Covalent Interactions to Control the Properties 
of Conjugated Organic Materials. 
March 31
Prof. David E. Cane, Brown University
Specificity and Versatility in Erythromycin Biosynthesis: 
From Natural to "Unnatural" Natural Products.
April 7
Prof. John Greedan, McMaster University, Ontario
Structural and Magnetic Studies of Battery Oxides in 
the Li-Mn-O System.
April 14
Prof. Cynthia Friend, Harvard University
The Surface Chemistry of Hydrocarbon Oxidation: Experiment 
and Theory of Site Selective Reactions.
April 21
Prof. Steve Regan, Lehigh University
Supramolecular Chemistry with a View Towards Materials
Science, Bioplogy and Medicine