Department Seminars


All seminars are held in the Pearson Chemistry Building, 62 Talbot Ave., Rm. P106 on the Medford Campus at 12:00 pm unless otherwise noted. Refreshments are available thirty minutes prior to the seminar.  For further information, please contact Debbie D’Andrea at (617) 627-2649 or by email

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Spring 2020


January 22 Prof. Danielle Dube, Bowdoin College
Tufts Monday “Chemical Tools to Discover and Target Bacterial Glycoproteins”
February 12 Prof. James L. Skinner, University of Chicago
“Anomalies in Ambient and Supercooled Water: Is there a second critical point lurking nearby?”
February 19 Prof. G. K. Surya Prakash, University of Southern California
  “A Physical Organic Chemist's Journey into Fluoroalkylation Chemistry”
March 3 Dr. Peter Senter, Seattle Genetics
Tuesday | 4:30pm “Antibody-Drug Conjugates for Cancer Therapy: From Early Stage Research to Clinically Approved Drugs”
March 4 Prof. Paul J. Bracher, Saint Louis University
“Why Did Life Choose Potassium over Sodium”
March 10 Prof. Jacqueline K. Barton, California Institute of Technology
POSTPONED 2020 Max Tishler Award Lecture
  “DNA-mediated Signaling”
March 12 Prof. Hien Nguyen , Wayne State University
POSTPONED "Specific inhibition of heparanase by glycopolymers for cancer and diabetic therapeutics"
March 25 Prof. Jennifer Prescher, University of California, Irvine
POSTPONED "Spying on Cellular Communication with Chemical Tools and Noninvasive Imaging"
April 1 Prof. Pavel Nagorny, University of Michigan
April 8 Prof. Jean-Sabin McEwen, Washington State University
April 29 Prof. John Tsavalas, University of New Hampshire
POSTPONED “Simplifying the Design of Anti-freeze Protein Mimicking Polymers”



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