Combined BS/MS Degrees in Chemistry

The combined degrees program is conducted jointly by the undergraduate college and the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences. Exceptional students may combine undergraduate and graduate courses and are simultaneously enrolled in bachelor's and master's degrees programs. Both degrees are awarded only on completion of the entire program; a student may not receive one degree earlier, even if the requirements for that degree have been met.

Students seeking admission to the program in Chemistry should consult their undergraduate major advisers and also the  Chemistry Graduate Program Director before applying to the graduate school. Combined degree students are expected to fulfill all the requirements of the undergraduate and graduate programs. No courses offered in fulfillment of one set of requirements may be used for the other.

Admission to the program is normally during the junior year. Only in exceptional cases will an application be accepted after the junior year. Therefore, students interested in the program should contact their advisers early in their academic career to facilitate program planning. A student may elect to withdraw from the program at any time by filing the appropriate petition.

The Tufts Plus Program offers tuition scholarships (maximum 50%) to Tufts undergraduates who are admitted to a participating master's program.