Awards Available for Undergraduate Chemistry Students

Karapetoff Cobb Chemistry Fund

chemistry student at the end of the junior year
w/ highest academic standing

M.D Angell and H.B Durkee Fund

students with high promise and achievement in chemistry

Durkee Scholarships

seniors with promise and achievement in chemistry

Max Tishler Prize

outstanding science (chemistry) student entering
senior year

Audrey Butvay Gruss Science Award

outstanding (female) science major who is a
scholarship recipient

Victor Prather Prize

engineering or science majors with excellence in research

Summer Scholar Program

undergraduate research opportunity
(50 scholarships/year) $3.5K + $1K + $1K

Alpha Omicron Pi Prize Scholarship

students with high scholarship and social service work

Alpha  Xi Delta Prize Scholarship

juniors with high scholastic record w/ participation in
merit activities

Tufts Alumni 75th Ann. Award

female students with meritorious service record

Gemma Cifarelli Memorial Scholarship

juniors with good scholastic record w/ participation in
important activities

Bennet Memorial Scholarship

student best exemplifies sportsmanship

Prize scholarship, Class of 1882

Undergraduate w/ potential for leadership and creativity

Class of 1898 prize

juniors/seniors high scholarly ability and intellectual competencies

Class of 1911 prize

seniors with good academic record and
extracurricular activities

Class of 1942 prize

seniors w/ potential to be outstanding teachers,
counselors, admin

Community service award

students that give special service to Tufts
and the community

Donald Cowdery Memorial Scholarship

junior or senior, academic achievement + leadership

de Florez Prize in Human Engineering

student that applies knowledge to problems of human engineering

Alex Elias Memorial Prize

juniors or seniors,
community service + athletics + scholarship

Frederick Melvin Ellis Prize

athletics + scholarship + leadership of youth

Ivan Galantic Humanities Prize

demonstrated capacity to cultivate integrated
learning and wisdom

Audrey Hale Prize

juniors/seniors commitment to international understanding

Ethel Hayes Scholarship

high acadademic distinction + has made efforts to meet
cost of education

Multicultural Service Award

significant effort to bring multi-culturism to
Tufts community

Ellen Myers Memorial Prize

junior/senior high scholarship in the face of adversity


junior/senior Navy ROTC

Pride on the Hill Award

contribution to gay/lesbian/bisexual and transgender issues

Philip Sheridan M.D Prize

most improvement thru junior year in a B.A course

Presidential Award

for Citizenship + Public Service

Tufts University Alumni Association Award

student legacy +academic achievement + embodies
spirit of Tufts

Hochhauser Award

undergraduates that contributed to intellectual
life on campus