Amanda Kowalsick, a member of the Robbat group, is helping develop innovative technology for characterizing health hazards... Learn More>>
Ashleigh Baber, a member of the Sykes group, with Dr. Gerhard Ertl, the 2007 Nobel Prize Winner... Learn More>>
Eric Peterson in the Utz Group is studying the highly dynamical reactions that occur at gas-surface interfaces.... Learn More>>
Dr. Robyn Eisert in the Kritzer Group is helping identify molecules to probe human disease mechanisms... Learn More>>
Torie Hansen & Kaitlyn Folds in the Kounaves Lab are applying innovative sensors used to analyze soil on Mars, to in-situ analysis of deep-sea vent chemistry... Learn More>>
Shonda Gaylord is part of the Walt Lab’s pioneering effort to interrogate single molecules, analyze genetic variation, and investigate single cells... Learn More>>
Tuan Vu in the Shultz group is investigating the fundamental steps in methane clathrate formation ... Learn More>>
Taryn Palluccio in the Rybak Lab is part of the effort studying the selectivity of small molecule binding and activation with transition metal complexes... Learn More>>

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The Tufts University Chemistry Department provides an exciting and intellectually stimulating environment for undergraduate and graduate students to participate in cutting edge research projects that encompass the many diverse interests of the faculty and reflects the highly interdisciplinary nature of chemistry and modern scientific research. While drawing heavily on the traditional chemistry subdisciplines, and assuring a well ground expertise in the fundamentals, we also provide the opportunity to explore beyond the traditional boundaries, from nano to planetary scales and atomic to biomolecular complexity! >> Download Department Brochure

News & Events

Prof. Kumar has received the 2015 Graduate School of Arts and Sciences Faculty Mentoring Award. More>>

Felicia Lucci of the Sykes group is selected as US delegate to the Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting. More>>

Prof. Scheck has recieved the Smith Family Award for excellence in biomedical research. More>>

Prof. Walt is named a University Professor, a title currently held by only three other Tufts faculty. More>>

Prof. Walt is the recipient of the 2014 NESACS Esselen Award for Chemistry in the public interest. More>>

Prof. Kounaves has been elected an AAAS Fellow in recognition of his contributions to analytical chemistry and planetary science. More>>

Prof. Shultz named an ACS Fellow in recognition of her contributions
to aqueous interface science, the profession, and community. More>>