Research Groups

  •   Bennett Group  Organic Synthesis, Carbohydrate Chemistry, Synthetic Methodology, Bioorganic Chemistry

  •   Kenny Group  Lasers & Fiber Optics for Multidimensional Fluorescence

  •   Kounaves Group  In-Situ Planetary Chemical Analysis, Biogeochemistry, & Astrobiology

  •   Kumar Group  Bioorganic Chemistry and Chemical Biology (Department Chair)

  •   Lin Group  Theoretical & Biophysical Chemistry

  •   Mace Group  Bioanalytical and Materials Chemistry

  •   Robbat Group  Analytical Methods for Hazardous Site Field Investigations

  Scheck Group  Bioorganic Chemistry and Chemical Biology

  •   Shultz Group  Non-Linear Spectroscopy of Liquid Surfaces

  •   Sykes Group Surface Chemistry, Molecular Self-Assembly

  •   Utz Group  Chemical Reactivity at the Gas-Surface Interface