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Welcome to the Department of Chemistry at Tufts University

The Department of Chemistry at Tufts University provides an exciting and intellectually stimulating environment for undergraduate and graduate students to learn and grow. Our foundational and interdisciplinary classes are taught by dedicated faculty focused on student learning. Independent research projects and their open-ended research problems help students develop the practical skills necessary for the practice of scientific inquiry.

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Undergraduate Programs

Tufts' Department of Chemistry is proud to train the next generation of scientists, engineers, physicians, and other professionals. We serve undergraduates through our Chemistry, ACS-Certified Chemistry, and Biochemistry majors, as well as by teaching classes that are critical for a wide variety of majors and concentrations. We also involve undergraduate students in robust public outreach programs, where students enrich the lives of elementary and high school teachers and students in the community. Many undergraduates do research in the Chemistry Department, solving critical problems and exploring the molecular world while gaining valuable skills and training.

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Graduate Programs

Tufts' graduate program in chemistry is large enough to foster stimulating interactions among colleagues but small enough to have a low ratio of students to faculty. Our department's resources and external funding support high-impact research, while our smaller size fosters close working relationships between graduate students and research advisors. The advisor is not simply the head of the lab, but a true mentor that provides individualized training and support to help graduate students progress to the next stage of their careers.

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In the Department of Chemistry at Tufts University, we have robust external funding and access to cutting-edge equipment. These resources enable a wide variety of nationally and internationally recognized research programs. From disease diagnostics to monitoring single atoms, researchers at Tufts Chemistry are attacking some of the trickiest questions of the molecular world, and some of the most important global problems.

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