Seminar Series

Fall 2023

All seminars are held in the Pearson Chemistry Building, 62 Talbot Ave., Rm. P-106 on the Medford Campus at 12:00 pm unless otherwise noted. For further information, please contact Debbie D’Andrea at (617) 627-2649 or by email
Please note: Visitors are welcome to attend all seminars.

September 12, 2023
Tuesday, 4:30 pm
"Profiling Proteome Integrity in Response to Environmental Insults"
Prof. Joseph C. GenereuxUniversity of California, Riverside

September 13, 2023
"Enabling Peptide Drug Discovery using Affinity-Based Selection and Functional High-Throughput Screen Technologies"
Dr. Rumit Maini, Peplib

Industrial Career Seminar: 3:00 pm - Varis Lecture Hall

September 27, 2023
"Expanding the Universe of Noncanonical Amino Acids with Biocatalysis"
Dr. Tina Boville and Dr. Wendy Hartsock, Aralez Bio

Career Panel: 3:00 pm - Varis Lecture Hall

October 5, 2023
Thursday, 4:30 pm
"Chemical Tools to Capture and Control Hexosamine Sugar Signaling in Hyperglycemic Disease"
Prof. Charlie FehlWayne State University

October 25, 2023
"Reading and Rewriting Protein Modifications in Cells"
Prof. Christina WooHarvard University

October 31, 2023
Tuesday, 4:30 pm - P-104
"Uncovering Cancer-Associated Epigenetic Events Using Novel Chemical Tools"
Prof. Yael DavidMemorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

November 8, 2023
"Protein Editing Using Small Molecules"
Prof. Amit ChoudharyBroad Institute and Harvard Medical School

November 15, 2023
"Making it Stick: How to Engineer Selective Covalent Ligands for Diverse Applications in Biology"
Prof. Matthew BogyoStanford University School of Medicine

November 29, 2023
"Addressing Equity Asymmetries in General Chemistry Outcomes Through an Asset-Based Supplemental Course"
Prof. Hannah SevianUniversity of Massachusetts, Boston

December 6, 2023
"Forces on Everything Everywhere All at Once"
Prof. Glen HockyNew York University