Research/Areas of Interest:
Physical Inorganic and Materials Chemistry. Current work is largely in the area of solid-state electronic and ionic conducting materials, and attempts to achieve useful optical and electronic properties through an understanding of the fundamental contributing effects. An example is the attempt to obtain nearly-free-electron (metallic) behavior in metal oxide bronzes and other intercalation compounds, in both bulk and thin-film materials. Synthesis of new materials and the characterization of their electronic, structural, and transport properties is the major goal of the work. To this end, we use optical spectroscopic (UV-VIS, NIR, IR) and magnetic measurements to probe electronic ground state structures, single crystal and powder X-ray diffraction to investigate crystallography and conductivity, Hall-effect measurements to probe electronic transport, and electrochemical means to investigate thermodynamic properties and kinetics of ionic motion.


  • PhD, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, United States, 1963
  • BS, Michigan State University, East Lansing, United States, 1958