The Robert R. Dewald Summer Scholarship Award

During his 47-year tenure at Tufts, Chemistry Professor Robert Dewald taught nearly 20,000 undergraduate and graduate students. Professor Dewald's willingness to involve his students in research, mentor undergraduates in the sciences, or lend a helping hand to those seeking his counsel made a significant impact to the Tufts education of countless alumni. In Honor of his dedication several alumni initiated the Robert R. Dewald Undergraduate Summer Scholarship Award

You can make a gift by going to the Tufts Brighter World website. To make sure your gift supports the Dewald fund, on the drop-down menu for "Select a designation" pick "Arts and Sciences" and under that select "Other-Please Specify"  and type Dewald Summer Scholarship Fund  followed by the amount of your gift.

For more information or for other methods of making a gift to the Dewald Summer Scholarship Fund, please contact:
Matt Scheck, University Advancement: 617-627-4315 or

Application Procedure

Application deadline for the 2024 Dewald Summer Scholarship - TBA

NOTE: This award is intended for Tufts undergrad students majoring in Chemistry or Biochemistry and conducting a summer research project in a laboratory setting with a Chemistry Department faculty member.

The application should include:

•  a description of the proposed project (no more than 2 pages single-spaced) outlining the goals and novelty of the overall project, the students part in it, what they will plan to accomplish during the summer, and how their contribution may lead to publication;

•  the name of the chemistry faculty with whom the student will be working;

•  a current SIS copy of their transcript;

•  a current resume.

The faculty member with whom the student will be doing the research must write a letter of support, including how the student’s work will be monitored.  If more than one candidate is applying  to work with that faculty, please differentiate one candidate from another.

Upon award, it is the responsibility of the awardee to submit an abstract (non-scientific) of their project. Upon completion of the work conducted over the summer, it is the responsibility of the student to provide an abstract that includes accomplishments. These documents along with the student’s picture will be posted to the department’s web page.

Submit applications and abstracts to the Chemistry Office at