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The Department of Chemistry at Tufts University provides both basic and advanced chemistry education with all the benefits of a major research university but with the environment of a small liberal arts college. We offer a variety of courses, newly expanded and improved facilities, an active teaching and research faculty, and a favorable faculty to student ratio.

Our undergraduate alumni go on to careers in a wide variety of fields including, medicine, law, physical and social sciences, engineering, and public policy.


BS in Chemistry

The (general) BS in Chemistry is intended for those with an interest in chemistry whose career aspirations lie outside the realm of professional chemistry.

BS in Biochemistry

This interdepartmental major is intended for students interests in the chemistry of living systems, and is offered jointly by the Department of Chemistry and the Department of Biology.


BS in Chemical Physics

This major is appropriate for a wide variety of careers including, medicine, law, physical and social sciences, engineering, and public policy.


Fifth-Year Master’s Degree Program: BS/MS in Chemistry

Exceptional students may combine undergraduate and graduate courses and are simultaneously enrolled in bachelor's and master's degrees programs.

Minors in Chemistry (Fall 2022)

Beginning in Fall 2022, undergraduate students will be able to declare Minors in Chemistry. Minors in Chemistry are designed for students who have done substantial coursework in Chemistry but who may choose not to complete all the requirements for a Chemistry Major.


Please visit our admissions website for comprehensive information on our admissions processes and requirements, deadlines, financial aid options, forms and instructions.

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